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Anodising Dye Brown A2RL (100g)

Make                        : OswalUdhyog
Pack Size                     : 100g
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Unit (100)g


Alumon  Brown A2RL is a dye in powder form and gives copper shade on anodized aluminum, It has good fastness to light, Weather.

Chemical Properties:

Physical Form  Dry Powder
Appearance Dark Brown Powder
Chemical Class Metallized Azo dye
Light Fatness          


Heat Fastness         


Anodizing recommendation :

Applicable condition are as:

Coating Thickness     

12 - 25 microns


4 - 5 g/l

Temperatures  55 – 60 C
pH  5.5 +-   0.5

the bath must be buffered with

8 g/l sodium acetate tri hydrate

0.4 ml/l acetic acid for pH 5.5 

Time  10-15 Minute
Water Quality              preferably de –ionized


The dyed oxide film must be properly sealed properly using a hot sealing salt ANO SEAL CA-350 for best result.

Other Recommendation:

1) Ammonium compounds shall not be used for controlling of the pH or to buffer dye   

bath solution.

2) The presence of ammonium compounds in the sealing solution may cause

leaching and loss of color.

3) Use sodium acetate for dye buffer.

4) Adequate care to be taken for proper rinsing to control drag-in for optimum tank life.

5) Dye may be dissolved separately outside the dye bath. Use demineralized water for   

better dye bath stability.

6)  The life of dye bath is reduced by water containing ammonium.

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